Are you kindred with us?

Peace, love, and cooperation to you!

You’re here because you’re wondering if you’re a kindred spirit of ours, and hoping that we’re kindred spirits of yours. Or you’re just plain curious, which is fine too!

With so many people around, we refuse to believe that none are kindred spirits. Surely they’re out looking for us too.

We’re Darren and Kristen Lambert, a middle-aged married couple with two small children. We have found that we don’t fit it to pretty much any established group that we know about, so we’re setting out to create it. Anyone who is kindred with us has felt the same frustration over not really fitting in anywhere, and what better way to fix that problem than by creating a fit?

If you fit each of these descriptions, it’s highly likely that we are kindred and we’d love to hear from you.

-You are a deep thinker and reluctant to jump to conclusions.

-You examine all points of view without pretense, and will discuss a topic to its very end if you find yourself in disagreement with someone else.

-You never use disrespectful language (such as insults or name-calling) when you debate anything with anyone.

-You are strongly liberal (though that does not mean you must support or agree with any of the known liberal political parties or candidates).

-You consider yourself a hippie, or you can see yourself being happy among hippies.

-You are not currently using any nicotine products (such as cigarettes or e-cigarettes) and you have no intention of doing so in the future.

-You are not currently using any illegal substances of abuse such as cocaine or methamphetamine, and you have no intention of doing so in the future.

-You are not currently abusing alcohol, and you have no intention of doing so in the future.

-You are not currently using legal drugs in any way other than directed by the packaging or your medical provider, and you have no intention of doing so in the future.

-You do not follow any religion, or claim to be an adherent of any religion, that separates people into the “believers” and the “heathens”, such as Christianity or Islam. And, you have no intention of doing so until a religion is concretely proven to be true.

-You do not oppose the judicious use of guns for self-defense purposes.

-You consider yourself an ally of any downtrodden or mistreated people, including those whose skin color and/or country of origin is different from your own.

-You are ready and willing to rid your mind of any and all brainwashing, wrong teaching, misinformation, and improperly formed opinions that you still carry, including those you may not recognize at present.

-You recognize that the best way for human beings to live is in small, supportive communities.

-You dislike the system in which we live and would like to work on creating an alternative system for those who don’t want to continue living in the current system.

-Anyone who knows you would call you “open-minded”.

-You dislike capitalism and only engage in capitalism to the minimum presently necessary extent.

If this all describes you, we would love to get to know you.

If any of it does not describe you, we are still willing to talk with you. We were significantly different from this, just a few short years ago, so we understand what it’s like being on “the other side”, as it were. One thing we all have in common is that we see problems in the world today, and would like them to be solved. Every problem can be solved if people want a solution badly enough. We all know that we’re not living the way we should be, and the only difference between people is in how they think the problems should be solved. If you’re close to matching the description of a kindred spirit, let’s talk. Maybe you aren’t as far away as you think.

If most or all of the above descriptions don’t match you, we still wish you well in life, and we’ll be here if you realize you’ve been wrong about things. A lot of the above descriptions didn’t match us either, a few years ago. If we can change, so can anyone.

E-mail us at to establish contact. Let’s gather the kindred spirits and do good things for as many people as possible.

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